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Turn $3K into $100K in 4 Months

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Options Trading Strategies

Trading strategies with options run the gamut from very conservative to very risky. If you're using covered calls on blue chip dividend paying stocks that do not have an earnings announcement before option expiration then you are investing conservatively.

On the other hand, if you're trying to turn $3,000 into $100,000 in four months then you are investing aggressively. That is exactly what our friends at TraderMinute.com try to do 3 times per year.

$100,000 Options Trading Challenge

The Challenge started several years ago and they have succeeded in their $100K goal twice. They have failed 9 times, including 5 total wipeouts ($3K -> $0), one $47K gain, one $19K gain, one $28K gain, and one $4K gain. If you out together all 11 Challenges, the average gain is $27K (for $3K invested).

Risk/Reward Of This Strategy Is High

Yes, there is a decent chance you will lose 100% of your $3K. But there is also a chance you'll make a profit. In fact, based on historical returns from 11 prior Challenges the expected value of a $3K, 4-month investment, is $27K.

This kind of option strategy is not for everyone. It probably isn't for you if you have a full-time job and won't be able to execute the real-time trade alerts they email you when the time is right to make a trade (sadly, they do not offer auto-trading).

However, for the risk-loving investors in the crowd, it offers a chance at some short-term option trading profits.

What Is The Strategy?

The strategy is simple long calls and long puts. They make short-term direction bets based on trends, volume, market conditions, and other signals. They have a feature called "Live Seat" where you can listen to them analyze various trades before making them, and also listen to reasons not to do a trade.

This is a for-profit educational option advisory service. Each day they send out a couple of emails with market commentary, as well as maybe a trade alert or two for an options trade. The cost is $599/month, however we have a way to get you one month FREE.

Free Trial Of TraderMinute.com's Option Strategy

If you'd like to try this service for free, use this link which will give you 30 days free:

  1. Go to TraderMinute.com free trial

That's it. By using the link above you can have a month free. Being able to listen to accomplished option traders for a month is an educational experience. You won't be disappointed, even if you don't trade! You will hear pros talk about chart patterns, volume signals, and other gotchas to look out for when trading options.

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