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Binary options brokers differ from each other in several important ways:

  • Quality of software an user interface: Does it work on your PC? What about your smart phone (do they have an app)? Is it fast? Clean design? Easy of use?
  • Available markets you can trade: UK Markets, International Markets, European Markets, Asia Markets, others?
  • Trading limits and/or use of leverage/margin: Every broker has different limits and rules. Make sure you're comfortable with the rules.
  • Minimum deposit: Some let you open an account with as little as $100. Others are $200 (which is common) or more.
  • Deposit bonuses or other incentives: Most binary option brokers offer a deposit bonus, where they will match a % of what you deposit, or just a fixed dollar amount. These incentives change all the time, so shop around.
  • Payout rates: These vary from broker to broker, but you want to find one that is 80% or more.

Just like choosing a regular stock broker, you ultimately need to try one or two binary brokers and see if you like their style, reporting, interface, fees, and bonuses. There's no single best answer for every trader.

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